Catalyst Club: Harnessing Creativity

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Eleanor O’Rourke, a creativity coach, joined us at Uffindell to speak about creativity and what we can do to harness it.

In life we take on roles, we want to be perceived as one thing or another so we become what we feel we should be. Eleanor encouraged us to understand and challenge these roles. When we play these roles, the ‘hard worker’, the ‘best friend’, the ‘clever one’, we waste so much energy. By giving less energy to playing these roles and becoming your ‘true self’ you are free to be more creative.

The key to creativity is to find a balance between the Masculine and Feminine energy.

Each person holds both masculine and feminine energy. Eleanor made it clear that whether you are male or female you have elements of both. However leaning too much in one direction or another turn that energy into a negative one. The key to creativity is to find a balance between the two.

Through the co-creation of the masculine and feminine energy you can reach a point, which Eleanor calls, ‘Mastery’. Here is where your perception changes, new conclusions are made and creativity emerges. You become more open to thoughts, ideas and inspiration; you reach the point where creativity flows more naturally.

For information on future Catalyst Club talks, and further discussion and photos of Eleanor’s talk, be sure to visit The Catalyst Club.

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