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From consumer confusion to portfolio clarity

Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom

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Jaguar vehicles are true symbols of British design and class, as well as emblems for ‘Brand Britain’ across the globe. Due to the growth of different models, features and sub-brands and individualisation within the automotive sector, consumers were beginning to find it confusing to differentiate between competitive offers. Jaguar had reached a state where they felt their offer was no longer clear or distinctive from communication and naming standpoint. This provided them with an opportunity to rethink its portfolio structure, future-proofing it for generations to come.

Through deep analysis and research of the vehicle marketplace we pinpointed a clear space for innovation and growth, ensuring Jaguar led rather than followed industry trends.

Uffindell developed a coherent and inspiring nomenclature system for future Jaguar vehicles, as well as engineering systems, green technologies and trim levels. This aided consumer navigation of the portfolio and provided a framework for new products and systems being developed over the next decade. Each solution truly embodies the spirit and personality of Jaguar – Innovated, Seductive and Performance, ensuring synergy across all existing brand attributes and relevance to changing consumer requirements.


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